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City Commission changes C4 Zoning to pre-2010 Standards 

Your Voices were Heard!  Through the last two elections, the 2020 Citizen Survey, and the outrage over the proposed Streets of Brentwood project, our elected officials finally realized that the changes they made in 2010 were NOT in the best interest of the city and were NOT what Brentwood needed.  The changes made in 2010 that expanded the C4 zoning area and removed density limits paved the way for the unwanted 393 unit Tapestry Apartments and the proposed 1 Million square foot Streets Of Brentwood proposal that the majority of citizens were against.    

What does it Mean?

  1. The C4/Town Center "expanded area" has been eliminated and the area is now back to the original zone bordered by the city limits line to the north, Church Street East and the Ramparts building to the south, I-65 to the east and East Park Drive to the west. (detailed info here: Ordinance 2015-09 - AN ORDINANCE AMENDING MUNICIPAL CODE REGARDING INTENT AND APPLICABILITY OF C-4 TOWN CENTER ZONING DISTRICT AND THE DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS OF SAID DISTRICT, for passage on second and final reading)
  2. Some of the technical standards relating to density were also reverted back to the pre-2010 standards.  (detailed info hereOrdinance 2015-10 - AN ORDINANCE AMENDING MUNICIPAL CODE REGARDING MAXIMUM LOT COVERAGE IN THE C-4 COMMERCIAL TOWN CENTER ZONING DISTRICT, for passage on second and final reading)

Going Forward:

Preserve Brentwood is pleased with this vote.  It corrected a major mistake that was made in 2010 and with the approval of Tapestry. The effects on our
 infrastructure (roads, schools, water and sewer) to support these types of approved projects is yet to be seen.  

We must remain watchful!  Brentwood's traditional zoning, such as 1 acre 1 home, have made this great city one of the most desirable ones in the state to live.  Whether it is high density residential projects or the details surrounding senior housing solutions/zoning, we must monitor any changes to zoning that will impact our quality of life and infrastructure.  

Thank you for all your support and involvement! 



Preserve Brentwood’s mission is to ensure that Brentwood continues to grow in a well-planned manner that is consistent with the city’s existing character and infrastructure. We are an open, non-partisan group of residents and local businesses dedicated to common-sense growth based on Brentwood’s traditional zoning standards*. These zoning requirements have been central to the success Brentwood enjoys today.


This quote is from City of Brentwood website:

“The vision that was shared by Brentwood’s own residents in establishing a low density residential community is still prevalent. About 90 percent of Brentwood’s acreage is zoned residential with a density standard of one dwelling unit per acre. The easy accessibility to Nashville, the open country character of the area and the focus on quality land use and development has made Brentwood one of the most attractive and desirable growing communities in Tennessee.”


These are characteristics we wish to honor and maintain for generations to come.


*This quality growth, land use and development require that the area zoned for owner-occupied residential property with a low density of one home per acre remain intact. Commercially zoned areas have to be of moderate density and limited building height (i.e. Maryland Farms). Multifamily residences (such as apartment buildings) are not in keeping with the city’s character or infrastructure.


It is our intention to provide accurate facts from public records and reach reasoned conclusions based on those facts from professionals in each field.

Should you find an error in facts, please notify us, and we will make corrections.

Vivat Veritas