7,000 New Houses Coming to Brentwood! 


What is the City's plan to support all these new homes?

  • How will Brentwood plan for all the additional traffic?

  • What about Brentwood's limited sewer system?

  • How does each candidate for City Commissioner propose to address this situation?

  • Knowing this is coming, how could the City possibly consider more high density housing?

The Brentwood 2030 Plan produced an important and key fact that affects all planning decisions. Simply stated:

The remaining developable land in Brentwood has the "potential to add 7,000 more homes that will increase Brentwood's population by 25,000 (62%)".

This projection assumes the current one home per acre zoning and no additional high density housing. 

These growth numbers will get much larger if the City does not maintain the one acre zoning and were to allow more high density housing.

The Brentwood 2030 Plan was created from an extensive study conducted by MIG, a national consulting firm. The finding was determined by studying the inventory of all remaining developable land in Brentwood and factoring in current zoning.

Brentwood residents/voters now have some critical decisions to make.

- Will we insist the City carefully manage growth within the limitations of Brentwood's current zoning and infrastructure (roads, schools, sewer etc.)?

- Will we elect City Commissioners who can be trusted to maintain Brentwood's zoning standards?


- Will we elect City Commissioners who will ultimately rezone to permit apartments/condos/rentals and other high density development which would overwhelm Brentwood's limited infrastructure and forever alter the very nature of the City?

This decision and your vote in the coming election will directly affect our traffic, schools, sewer service, taxes, utility rates and ultimately our property values.


City Commissioner candidate Dale Pacetti surprised many when he said that if elected he could not commit to supporting Brentwood's one acre zoning standard. Mr. Pacetti made this statement during the Williamson County GOP Candidate Forum.

He was asked, "Do you favor keeping Brentwood's one home per acre residential building requirement for all future land to be developed?"

Mr. Pacetti replied, "I can't answer yes or no."

This is consistent with Mr. Pacetti's past agenda. In 2003 he also ran for City Commissioner. Then, Mr. Pacetti campaigned on the promise to reform the City's zoning to allow high density, mixed use development of the Turner Farm. He was not elected.



Candidate Nelson Andrews also shocked many with his statement at the same forum.

Mr. Andrews was asked, "Have you contributed to, accepted, or will you seek the financial support or endorsement from a PAC (Political Action Committee)?"

Mr. Andrews answered, "No". Mr. Andrews response was false.

It is public knowledge that Nelson Andrews is heavily involved in a PAC. In fact, he was a founding board member of the Franklin based Williamson Business PAC. Mr. Andrews is also a major financial contributor to this PAC. And, he is a sometimes spokesman for this PAC. This PAC grew out of the Franklin based Williamson, Inc. (Williamson County Chamber of Commerce) to become a separate organization.

A PAC, of course, exists to influence elections with it's money. Matt Largen, the President of Williamson, Inc stated that part of the strategic plan is for this PAC to become a "force in the region". PAC leaders have said they plan to "weigh in on both local and state elections". These concepts have made many voters nervous on several levels.

Preserve Brentwood readers have reported numerous concerns. 

  • The question being asked is, "Do Brentwood residents want a City Commissioner who has been an active member of this Franklin based PAC?" Franklin has welcomed high density development. Brentwood has not. 

  • Readers are wondering if it is wise to have the strong supporter of a PAC exercising a Commissioner's vote on Brentwood policy? 

  • Our readers have asked, "If Mr. Andrews were to be elected, would it be the first time a Franklin PAC contributor/supporter was part of the Brentwood City Commission?"

Nelson Andrews was a vocal advocate for one of the largest high density developments ever proposed for Brentwood - the "Streets of Brentwood".

He aggressively supported this Green Hills Mall sized high rise that was to contain hundreds of apartments/condos/rentals, retail and office space.

Such a development may have been embraced in Franklin, but can you imagine how things would be if Mr. Andrews got his wish and it were built on the southwest corner of Franklin Road and Maryland Way? The effect on the City's infrastructure would have harmed all residents. The current development on that corner is half the size of the project Mr. Andrews wanted.

Your voice matters! Be sure and vote this spring.