Brentwood’s Board of Commissioners dictate zoning changes.

be informed. Stay in Touch with your Commissioners. Vote in Elections.

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It is our Civic duty to speak up

Photo Source: Brentwood City Website| From Left to Right: Commissioners Nelson Andrews, Rhea Little, Anne Dunn, Mark Gorman, Regina Smithson, Ken Travis & Susannah Macmillan

Stay in touch with our City Commissioners who Govern Zoning Changes that Impact our Lives

Election Cycle

Every two years residents get to decide who will lead our city

The City Commission has 7 members. Each Commissioner serves a four year term.  In May of each odd numbered year the City holds an election for new Commissioners.  Open seats are staggered so in some election years three Commission seats are voted on and in the following two year cycle four open seats are voted on. 

This year, in 2019, four open seats were filled through an election (results below). In 2021, the remaining three seats will be voted on. 

Brentwood’s Mayor is elected by majority vote of the Commission for a two year term, immediately after elections are held and new Commissioners are sworn in. Rhea Little is our current city mayor.

The 2019 City Commission Election

In 2019 an unusual set of circumstances occurred which resulted in four of the seven City Commission seats being up for grabs at one time.  Two incumbents, Anne Dunn and Ken Travis ran for re-election and seven challengers also ran hoping to gain one of the vacant seats.  The challengers were, in alphabetical order, Wyatt Rex Allen, Nelson Andrews, Susannah MacMillan, John Magyar, Dale Pacetti, Stevan Pippin and Terrence Smith.

The final results were certified on May 15, 2016 by the County Election Commission.  Here are the winners who will serve a four year term:

  • Susannah Macmillan: 2,436 votes

  • Ken Travis: 2,212 votes

  • Anne Dunn: 2,099 votes

  • Nelson Andrews: 1,854 votes

The challengers who did not win a seat were:

  • Stevan Pippin: 1,262 votes

  • Terrence Smith: 856 votes

  • Wyatt Rex Allen: 836 votes

  • John Magyar: 588 votes

  • Dale Pacetti: 526 votes

Board of Commissioners

How to reach them:

Contact information can be found for your seven Commissioners at the following link to the City Website: