Who is Responsible? YOU ARE!


Your ongoing communications with the City Commissioners have helped Brentwood avoid many of the mistakes made by neighboring communities.

In recent years a collective voice has risen to defend Brentwood’s traditional zoning standards and limited infrastructure. This voice has advocated for the consistent enforcement of one acre residential zoning and moderate density commercial zoning. It has argued against high density housing (apartments and densely packed homes without greenspace). And, it has opposed high rise buildings in Brentwood’s commercial areas.


In short, this voice has been a strong supporter of managed growth that is consistent with Brentwood’s character and infrastructure. 


Who is this voice? You are – the Preserve Brentwood reader. Your ongoing communications with the City Commissioners have helped Brentwood avoid many of the mistakes made by neighboring communities.


The influence you provided has been effective in many situations. A few noteworthy examples are:

  • Your input prevented a rezoning for high density housing on large tracts of property where there would have been 3 to 4 homes built per acre with no significant green space! You helped prevent what would have been a landscape of rooftops and asphalt. (Jan. 2016)

  • Some City Commissioners were considering a new type of zoning to allow apartment buildings to be built on residentially zoned property throughout Brentwood – possibly near your home. Multiple apartment buildings would have been built in residential areas. If passed, this action would have forever changed Brentwood. Your comments, emails and phone calls influenced the Commissioners and stopped this from occurring. (Jan. 2018)

  • Thanks to your vigilance, the new hotel under construction near Brentwood Lawnmower will be just 4 stories tall. It was proposed to be 5 stories but your feedback convinced Commissioners to limit the hotel to 4 stories. Without your involvement a 5 story hotel would have created 25% more traffic, required 25% more water and demanded 25% more from Brentwood’s limited sewer service. (Jan. 2015)

  • Imagine a Green Hills Mall sized commercial development on the corner of Maryland Way and Franklin Road. This proposed project passed the City Commission on first reading and was close to becoming a reality. It was to be called “The Streets of Brentwood” and would have been a massive high rise that contained apartments/condos, office and retail space. It would have dwarfed the development at that location today which is only half as large and does not contain apartments/condos. All Brentwood residents would have been hurt by the impact on the city’s infrastructure. But, it never happened thanks in part to the collective voice of Preserve Brentwood readers. (Feb. 2013)

  • In 2010 commercial zoning was modified (C-4) to permit residences in parts of Brentwood’s commercial areas and raise the building height limit from 4 stories to as many as 7 stories. This led to the construction of Tapestry apartment complex and the specter of more apartments on the way. For the first time Brentwood had high density housing and school buses trying to navigate rush hour traffic in commercial areas. All the new Tapestry students almost forced a rezoning by the overcrowded Williamson County School system such that some existing Brentwood school children would be pushed out and bused to outlying areas (Nolensville, Franklin).  Your ongoing communications with City Commissioners helped change this zoning policy. Ultimately, the 2010 commercial zoning (C-4) was again modified to eliminate the possibility of residences and restore the building height limit to 4 stories. (Jan. 2015)

Brentwood is a much better place today because of your informed influence. There is less density, less traffic, less sewer demand, less water usage and less overcrowding in the schools than there would have been. In short, the city’s problems would have been much worse.


Yes, the Williamson County area is growing at a rapid rate and it affects our lifestyle here in Brentwood. While we have little control over the decisions of neighboring communities, we can insist on well managed growth in our City. And, we can avoid the mistakes being made elsewhere in the area.


The resident volunteers at Preserve Brentwood remain committed to reporting on growth issues and keeping readers well informed so that you can continue to have a voice in the community. The better informed residents remain, the better Brentwood will be.


NOTE THE MISSION STATEMENT AT THE END OF THIS EMAIL. We invite and encourage you to share these emails with other residents. 



An especially important event is coming that will affect all Brentwood residents. In April/May residents will be voting to elect City Commissioners who will be making major decisions about the future of the city. Your understanding of the candidate’s individual agendas and your vote is essential. 

Decisions such as those detailed in the above examples will be made by the Commissioners elected this spring. Their decisions will affect your quality of life, property value, your traffic experience, your utility rates, your taxes, the infrastructure that serves your home and your schools.

Brentwood’s zoning standards are the foundation of the city. In fact, the zoning defines our city and the lifestyle of residents. One great truth:

Brentwood’s zoning is only as good as the City Commissioners who enforce it, maintain it or revise it.


The commissioners elected this spring will be making major zoning decisions. In the coming weeks Preserve Brentwood will be reporting regularly to provide information about the candidates and specifics about their agendas.