City of Brentwood Sewer Issues

In late 2013 the City of Brentwood commissioned a sewer study to determine, as originally stated in the Purposes Section, how much additional commercial development could be done after Brentwood is built out.  A final draft of the study, delivered to the City in February of 2014, confirmed Brentwood is at a critical point whereby enough sewer capacity is not available for complete build out and sewer capacity for additional development in the Town Center/C-4 area, if continued, would have to be robbed from landowners with undeveloped property in other parts of the City.  The report stated C-4 type development uses at least twice as much sewer capacity as other development types.  If Town Center/C-4 commercial development is abandoned and Brentwood returns to development in the manner in which it was originally planned there is still time to avoid massive expenses associated with replacing or upgrading our sewer infrastructure.