Many years ago, Brentwood Citizens set a vision for this remarkable city.

From the City of Brentwood Website:

“The vision that was shared by Brentwood’s own residents in establishing a low density residential community is still prevalent. About 90 percent of Brentwood’s acreage is zoned residential with a density standard of one dwelling unit per acre. The easy accessibility to Nashville, the open country character of the area and the focus on quality land use and development has made Brentwood one of the most attractive and desirable growing communities in Tennessee.”

These are characteristics we wish to honor and maintain for generations to come.

*This quality growth, land use and development require that the area zoned for owner-occupied residential property with a low density of one home per acre remain intact.

Commercially zoned areas have to be of moderate density and limited building height (i.e. Maryland Farms). Multifamily residences (such as apartment buildings) are not in keeping with the city’s character or infrastructure.

Are we compromising the vision?

Brentwood has seen many changes since 1969 when it first became a City.  The following link to the City Website provides a year by year overview of key historic events:

What Makes Brentwood SpecialWe are who we are as a community because our vision and our desires.  Brentwood has obviously done something right since incorporation about fifty years ago. 

The one thing that has made the greatest impact on the lives of residents is the fact we have intentionally remained a low-density residential  community with commercial business districts at both the north and south ends of our City. 

Approximately 3.2% of Brentwood’s 40.8 square miles is made up of  park land.  That is equivalent to one acre of park land for every 50 residents, which is unmatched by any city in Tennessee.  The population is highly educated with a little over 70% having a college degree or higher.  In 2016 the median household  income in Brentwood was $157,101 compared to the average household in the State of  Tennessee being $48,547.  Also in 2016 the median Brentwood home price was $645,942 compared to the average in Tennessee being $157,700.  Even      with home values approximately four times that of the rest of the state; our tax  rates remain relatively low with a cost of living being 4.6% lower than the national  average.  Residents can thank the wisdom of our founding leadership for creating  such a unique place to live and raise a family.  The cornerstone of Brentwood’s success remains one home per acre density.  It is imperative we hold our elected officials accountable for upholding and enforcing our zoning.