Disturbing Behavior


We have over the years received many questions regarding this disturbing behavior. It now seems appropriate to address them all again in one email. What follows is a report on your questions and Preserve Brentwood's answers with respect to this timely issue.


Q: What happened in August 2013 that relates to the upcoming City Commissioner election?

A: A small group of area business people filed sworn complaints with the District Attorney against the men and women of a Brentwood citizens group.


Q: Which citizens group did these business people attack? What did this group of business people hope to achieve by their actions?

A: The complaints were filed against the resident volunteers of Preserve Brentwood. The complaints appeared to be an effort to silence Preserve Brentwood's reporting. It was also a personal attack against the men and women of Preserve Brentwood. The attack, if successful, would have forced our volunteers to pay severe fines.


Q: Who are these business people and why is this being discussed now?

A: One of the leaders of this group was Nelson Andrews who is currently a candidate for City Commissioner. Others in the group are associated with the development, construction and real estate/real estate investment industries. Nelson Andrews is the only one of the group currently running for City Commissioner.


Q: How does the state handle such sworn complaints?

A: The Tennessee Registry of Election Finance is the state office that hears such claims. 


Q: Did Nelson Andrews and his group provide credible evidence to support their accusations? 

A: The state did not think so. Nelson Andrews' claims against Preserve Brentwood were all dismissed.


Q: How did Preserve Brentwood feel about the evidence produced by Nelson Andrews?

A: We knew Nelson Andrews' claims were totally false. In our view, the "documentation" he delivered with his filing was not factual. We found Nelson Andrews' claims to be an unsupported collection of speculation, rumor, gossip and political spin.


Q: What parts of Nelson Andrews' complaint were accurate?

A: We thought Nelson Andrews' complaint was a total fabrication. The state was correct to dismiss all his claims.


Q: Nelson Andrews and his group also implicated City Commissioner Mark Gorman in their complaint. Nelson Andrews was one of two representatives from his group at the Registry Hearing. Did the state agree with Nelson Andrews' accusations against City Commissioner Gorman?

A: No. The state did not agree with Nelson Andrews and his group. The state dismissed the complaint against City Commissioner Gorman as well.

None of Nelson Andrews' claims were upheld by the state - they were all dismissed.


Q: Why did Nelson Andrews file a sworn complaint against Preserve Brentwood?

A: We believe it was an attempt at intimidation. Our feeling is that Nelson Andrews' attack was clearly targeted at crippling or eliminating Preserve Brentwood as a news and information source.

Nelson Andrews was a strong, vocal supporter for the proposed massive high density, mixed use development called the "Streets of Brentwood". 

Preserve Brentwood was instrumental in fully exposing the project plans to residents. Ultimately the project became so unpopular the developer withdrew his proposal.

Nelson Andrews filed his sworn complaint against Preserve Brentwood a few months later.


Q: Is Preserve Brentwood a Political Action Committee (PAC)?

A: No. Preserve Brentwood is a grass-roots news service that covers Brentwood issues relative to our Mission Statement.

We provide residents with information through our emails, occasional Informational Meetings and Candidate Forums.


Q: A PAC exists to raise money for the purpose of influencing elections. How much money does Preserve Brentwood control?

A: Preserve Brentwood has no money. We do not even have a bank account. We do not fundraise. We do not give money to any candidate. We do not accept contributions. We do not accept sponsors or advertising.

We provide our reporting and information at no charge as a community service.


Q: How does Preserve Brentwood endorse candidates?

A: Preserve Brentwood does not endorse candidates. 

We simply report and provide information to residents. Brentwood residents are certainly capable of making their own voting decisions.


Q: Do you feel Nelson Andrews has acted in a manner befitting a Brentwood City Commissioner?

A: We will leave that question up to the judgement of our readers.