The Tapestry

Brentwood’s First Apartments/Condominiums -  Commercial Residential Zoning

Brentwood’s First Apartments/Condominiums - Commercial Residential Zoning

History of the Tapestry – A first for Brentwood

In 2010 Commissioners voted to expand the C-4 Zoning Ordinance, sometimes referred to as Town Center Zoning.  This zoning classification was also modified to allow mixed-use residential units to be built for the first time in Brentwood.  For many years residents had total faith in our body of Commissioners.  Unfortunately, very few citizens were paying attention to what a group of “commercially-minded” newly elected Commissioners were doing which allowed apartments to be built in Brentwood.  In December 2010, while most residents were focused on the Christmas Holiday, Commissioners voted to approve a project called the Tapestry.  The Tapestry was promoted as “Condominium” Units which were supposed to be downsizing options for seniors who wanted to sell their homes and stay in Brentwood in a mixed-use development which promoted “walkability”. 

Unfortunately, in 2011 after construction was started it became apparent to residents these units would not be available for purchase and they would only be available for lease, which means in essence an apartment complex.  Citizens were outraged in large numbers at what Commissioners had done to Brentwood.  The development was supposed to have little impact on schools, with projections being only about 35 students forecasted to come from the Tapestry.  We now know the actual impact on schools is three times that amount of students, which in a rezoning situation would potentially push residents on the outskirts of the City to schools outside Brentwood, even though they had bought homes here because of our local schools. 

Before the Tapestry was completed another mixed-use project was proposed called The Streets of Brentwood.  At this point citizens had enough and banded together to oppose any more of this type of development.  Preserve Brentwood was formed as a grass roots citizens group in the fall of 2012 to oppose The Streets of Brentwood and to protect Brentwood’s zoning standards.