Every Zoning Decision Impacts Multiple Aspects of Our Community


Additional homes or aggressive commercial development adds more cars to our roads, adds congestion, lengthens rush hour



Did you know that our sewer is transported to Nashville? We have an agreement for a certain volume of sewage that can be processed monthly. We are reaching this capacity and as we grow this will become a costly issue that we must address.



Crime rates are on the rise as our city grows. As our city becomes more congested, we need more support from our law enforcement, our fire department and our firs-responders.


Up-zoning is when developers ask City Commissioners to make exceptions to the one-home-per-acre density ruling. For every extra home added in Brentwood, there are at least two cars that will drive on the roads, likely 2 to 3 students who will attend our schools, and there is more burden on our water and sewer. 

School Capacity

People move to Brentwood for the Williamson County school system. A city’s educational system has a direct correlation to property values. However, Williamson Coutny Schools in Brentwood are over-capacity. Students can’t face forward in the classrooms due to lack of space. More and more portable classrooms are added to our campuses. The problem isn’t getting better. The quality of our excellent schools must be protected.

Retirement Housing

Did you know that we currently have a zoning that will allow for development of housing that will accommodate senior housing preferences. In fact, in Windstone townhomes, the Landmark on Maryland Way and Granny White as well as the townhomes in Foxland Hall all exhibit the zoning flexibility that allows for this.